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Alien Gear Features, Benefits, and Alternatives

by Ben Jimenez 8 min read

Alien Gear

Finding the right concealed carry holster can be challenging — especially when there are so many options available. In order to find consistent, high-quality holsters, it is imperative that you consider the manufacturer. Alien Gear is one such option, offering a range of holsters that aim to fit every need — but how do they compare to other alternatives?

The following features and reviews will help you identify which holster is right for you, ensuring that your expectations are met and in many ways, exceeded. If you're considering an Alien Gear holster, here's what you need to know.

What Is Alien Gear?

Alien Gear Holsters is well-known within the industry, offering a selection of over 500+ handgun holsters. They understand that when it comes to gun holsters, there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Each of their holsters is custom-built for both left- and right-handed holsters, ensuring that each revolver and pistol holster meets the specific needs of the handgun it intends to hold.

Known for their product innovation, their goal is to advance in the world of concealed carry holsters, pushing the boundaries in regards to performance, design, and practicality. As they say, they create holsters with the goal to, "conceal in comfort."

Key Features — What Sets Alien Gear Apart?

Depending on the model chosen, features vary. This allows for a more personalized approach, depending on your direct needs and preferences.

The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack is one of their most innovative products, offering a system that allows you to switch holster configurations with ease. Without the use of tools, configurations can be altered in a matter of seconds. These configurations include:

  1. Inside the Waistband — IWB Concealed Carry Holster
  2. Outside the Waistband — OWB Paddle Holster
  3. Outside the Waistband — OWB Belt Slide
  4. Appendix Carry Holster (AIWB) — Conceal front and center

In order to surpass expectations, this revolutionary holster also features:

  • CoolVent Neoprene — Using "sweat-wicking" technology, neoprene keeps users dry and cool, providing a breathable layer between the firearm and carrier.
  • Greater flexibility — In comparison to some of their more simplistic designs, the ShapeShift is much more flexible, increasing comfort while decreasing break-in time.
  • Ballistic nylon — This durable material can withstand the daily grind, ensuring longevity.
  • "Alien skin" surface — This specialized surface material combines durability and aesthetics, resulting in a unique surface.
  • Steel Core Holster Retention — This component is a patent-protected design feature, resulting in enhanced stability and retention. At its core, this strip offers a "backbone" for the holster itself.

Depending on the model chosen, features will vary, as well as the price point. Overall, Alien Gear offers quality concealed carry holsters at a fair price, backed by their "30-Day Test Drive" trial period.

What Others Are Saying — Alien Gear Reviews

To better understand how Alien Gear holsters stand-up to the rest, it's important to consider public reviews.

On their own website, Alien Gear presents a 4.87-star rating, out of five stars. This is based on more than 6,740 reviews, listing some of the following comments, as stated by both direct consumers and gun holster dealers.

  • "I bought this to try after one of my customers inquired about Alien Gear. Having carried exclusively in a Galco King Tuck, I must admit I am impressed with the quality for the value of the AG holsters. I have ordered more for my customers to try and will hopefully set up a dealer relationship with Alien Gear in the near future."
  • "Comfortable to wear. Easy to switch around from one configuration to another. A little wider than some other holsters but this makes it easier to put the pistol back in the holster."
  • "Great holster for EDC of a weighty pistol. Even greater customer service. I sent back for a worn back pad and received a new holster back! I have bought the same model for a G19 and LCP. Hats off to Alien Gear."

Read more of these reviews here.

There are also a number of independent sites offering comprehensive, honest reviews, including this review from The Gun Zone. Highlighting key features associated with varying models, including the Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster and the ShapeShift 4.0 IWB.

Each model is described in detail, highlighting the associated pros and cons.

In terms of the pros, the majority of models are considered to be durable and comfortable. Ease-of-use and high performance are also key selling features. Although associated cons are fairly limited and vary from one to the next, some of the concerns to consider include subpar retention adjustability and cost.

On Amazon, Alien Gear has received a total of 4.5 stars out of 5, with 79 percent of reviews being five stars. Overall, the majority of buyers agree that Alien Gear offers comfortable, well-concealed holsters. However, some stated that although well-built, the holster was a touch too bulky for their likely and poor customer service was an issue for select consumers.

Alien Gear Alternative — Concealment Express

As discussed, it's imperative to shop around when looking for the perfect holster. This will allow you to obtain the perfect fit, based on your personal needs and interests. Concealment Express prides itself on being the definition of an American success story.

Originally founded in 2014, this respected company humbling began their journey in a garage. Today, they have sold over 750,000 holsters, operating out of their 5,000+ square-foot facility. Offering consumers a wide range of IWB, tuckable, and OWB KYDEX holsters, their attention to detail and precision manufacturing ensure consistent, quality products each and every time.

Features That Set Concealment Express Apart

As they say at Concealment Express, "quality" holsters are as much about the features in which you can see, as they are the features you can not. That is why they offer holsters that are not only completely customizable, but are also GUARANTEED to last a lifetime.

Depending on the user's gun, the holster designed by Concealment Express will be perfectly modeled to that weapon's specifications — all while incorporating unique, exclusive features.

For example, Concealment Express uses in-house milled aluminum molds and fixtures, ensuring the perfect fit each time. Their holsters are also vacuum-formed and cut with precision, resulting in holsters that consistently fit, and are of the highest quality.

Taking this process one step further, each holster is hand-polished to ensure that there aren't any sharp edges. This attention to detail is what sets them apart, as they create holsters that are not only comfortable for everyday use, but are built to last.

In regards to core features, just some of the ways in which users benefit from a Concealment Express holster include:

  • Chamfered design, resulting in an ultra-comfortable fit that is aesthetically pleasing. These smooth design elements eliminate hardpoints that would otherwise cause potential discomfort and unnecessary girth.
  • Adjustable cant, as all of their IWB holsters, features a recessed mounting hole and slot. In turn, this allows the user to adjust the carry angle with ease. Alter the angle anywhere between -5 and +20 degrees without needing to remove the clip of the holster.
  • Belt clip that is 50 percent stiffer, based on fiber-reinforced stealth
  • Audible retention, allowing users to hear and feel when they're properly holstered. This ensures that the weapon remains secure, increasing peace-of-mind. Each holster is also soft belt loop compatible.

Like Alien Gear, Concealment Express holsters are made in the USA. In fact, they take this claim very seriously. Not only is each holster 100 percent manufactured in the United States, it is also 100 percent designed and engineered on American soil. Assembled by American citizens, these holsters directly support families close to home. In addition, Concealment Express only uses 100 percent USA-made components and raw materials, as well as equipment.

Unlike Alien Gear, who has had some negative feedback in regards to their shipping times, Concealment Express is known for their free and fast shipping, ensuring a top-notch holster without any delay. Their goal is to provide their customers with a holster they love, at a fair price, which then arrives in a timely manner.

Explore by gun make here or by style here. There's also a line of custom holsters, including stylish camo designs.

Concealment Express Reviews

To date, Concealment Express has obtained more than 50,000 5-star reviews, catching the attention of gun holders near and far.

These honest reviews on their website are provided by real customers, who have provided more than 17,100 reviews. With an overall rating of 5-stars, here's what others had to say:

  • "Another great experience — Great service, great quality, great attention to detail! It’s what I’ve come to expect from Concealment Express!"
  • "Excellent Quality Holster with Great Pricing! — Nobody made the Holster I needed as my pistol was no longer in production, No problem as Concealment Express had what I was looking for with Excellent Pricing & Quality, & Great Communication. I will purchase again for future needs!"
  • "Total Awesomeness — I love the fit and finish of the holster and the fact that I can conceal an H&K P30 without any discomfort. you guys are awesome and the price point for such impeccable quality is on point."
  • "Impressed —The holster performed better than expected. It is light, comfortable and stays in place. I have since purchased two more for other pistols I own."

Outdoor Methods also provided an in-depth review, focusing on the Glock KYDEX IWB Gun Holster. Some of the main points from this review, include:

  • Concealment Express makes holsters that are extremely concealable, as well as easy to carry. In addition, this holster is affordable and safer than other alternatives, making it a great choice for first-time carriers, as well as those with more experience.
  • Lightweight and practical with a simple design, Concealment Express makes holsters that are comfortable and durable.

A review from The Daily Caller left another positive impression after highlighting the Glock KYDEX IWB Gun Holster. Focusing on the design, comfort, and fit, the main points included:

  • Design — "The overall design of the holster is absolutely impeccable... it covers and safeguards all critical parts."
  • Comfort and fit — "The adjustable clip is helpful when aiming to find a comfortable position."

Overall, it was concluded that this model was the best hard conceal holster they tested, offered at a great price. Concealment Express offers great value for money, providing high-quality products for less than their competitors.

Alien Gear vs Concealment Express

There are so many variables to consider when selecting the right holster for you. Overall, both Alien Gear and Concealment Express offer quality holsters at varying price points.

In regards to materials used, Alien Gear utilizers two key categories — classic and leather hybrid, using their own proprietary materials. While these result in a high-quality product, there do not offer the custom fit in which Concealment Express holsters do. Made from Kydex, Concealment Express holsters are molded based on your gun's specifications. This also ensures a lightweight, yet a sturdy product.

While focusing specifically on the design, as well as holster wearability, Alien Gear holsters tend to be bulkier. Based on the minimalist design associated with Concealment Express holsters, they are typically easier to hide while offering maximum comfort.

The neoprene covering associated with Alien Gear is a great selling feature, as well as the adjustable height and retention. Concealment Express also offers holsters that are adjustable, in addition to a lifetime warranty. They are also the only company to mention appendix carry as an option. The integrated sweat-guard is another key selling feature.

While Alien Gear is a name you can trust, Concealment Express has tens of thousands of 5-star reviews for a reason. They are committed to precision craftsmanship, offering quality holsters, proudly made in the United States. Whether you have a Glock, Springfield, Kahr, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, or any other common make, Concealment Express offers an incredible range of features at a great price.

Best of all, no other manufacturer will get you your new, high-quality holster faster than Concealment Express. In fact, all in-stock orders ship within one business day — guaranteed!

Want to become a dealer? Find out more here.


Ben Jimenez
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