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CYA Supply Co Review

by Ben Jimenez 4 min read

CYA Supply Co

Keeping your gun secure is imperative to maximum safety. The evolution of holsters has been tremendous, from the Buscadero or the 1920s to the ultra-modern IWP holsters. While many companies have been at it, only a few managed to design reliable holsters for gun owners.

A holster is a special kind of pocket used to restrict a handgun from undesired movement or action. Most of the holsters are made of materials such as leather, ballistic nylon, and molded plastics. Inside the waistband handgun (IWB) holsters are attached to a person’s waistband or belt for easy access.

This article takes you through everything you need to know about the CYA Supply Company. Read on!

What is CYA Supply Co?

The CYA Supply Company is a US manufacturer of handgun holsters. Owned by veterans, CYA Supply Co is run by people who understand the art of guns and holsters. CYA employs veterans to constitute a group of Americans who take great pride in their craft.

What Does CYA Supply Co Manufacture?

CYA is a globally recognized brand that specializes in IWB holsters for literary all types of handguns. Regardless of the type of your pistol, you will likely find a suitable holster from CYA Supply.

CYA employs perfect craftsmanship to produce the best holsters the industry can offer. If you want a concealed carry holster that makes you feel secure with the gun, CYA Supply will provide you with such. Holsters manufactured by CYA supply are reliable, durable, and tailor-made for the specific types of handguns.

Besides holsters, CYA Supply manufactures tactical hats for camouflage as well as belts. If you need the most robust belts or hats that match your tactical gear, CYA might be your ideal destination. Also, the company manufactures magazine carriers to help hold as much ammunition as possible.

What Does CYA Supply Co Use to Manufacture Holsters?

CYA Supply uses different materials to manufacture its holsters. Boltaron is perhaps the most common material that CYA Supply uses to make holsters. The reason why the company uses Boltaron is that it creates a better sheath than Kydex and leather. While leather is attractive and appealing, many users prefer Boltaron holsters.

Most of CYA Supply Co holsters have a standard thickness of 0.08”. Boltaron is sturdy and resists temperature thus more comfortable for the gun user. Also, Boltaron doesn’t get brittle as the bends; therefore, an all-round better material.

Which Handgun Holsters Does CYA Supply Co Manufacture?

CYA produces holsters for all common handguns. The company specializes in the following pistols;

  • Glock
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Sig Saucer
  • Springfield Armory
  • Taurus
  • Ruger
  • Kahr Arms

Regardless of the model of the above handguns, you will get the right-fit holster. Each model that lies within the above-aforementioned brands has a custom holster made for a perfect fit. Some holsters can hold more than one handgun model. Other holsters have laser attachments on them.

Does CYA Supply Sell Holsters Globally?

You can purchase IWB concealed carry holster from anywhere in the world. All orders placed before 10 AM ship on the same day.

Does CYA Supply Offer Risk-Free Guarantee?

Absolutely yes! CYA Supply Co. aims at manufacturing the best holster in the market. For maximum product confidence, the company offers a risk-free money-back guarantee. After shipping, the company gives you up to 30 days of use. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return for a full refund. Note that you don’t pay for the return shipping.

Besides the Risk-free money-back guarantee, CYA Supply Co. offers a lifetime product warranty. If you believe your holster has defects, contact the company for more info. The company checks any defects in materials or workmanship, and in the event, it determines that the product is defective, it can choose to either repair or offer a replacement. The company holds the sole discretion that a product is faulty and whether it requires repair or replacement.

Warranty doesn’t apply to defects caused by wear and tear, improper maintenance, failure to follow instructions or misuse. Warranty claims require the customer to show proof of purchase.

Why is CYA Supply Co the Ultimate Holster Manufacturer?

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the right products in the market. CYA Supply Co ensures that its customers not only get what is right for them but also a lifetime satisfaction. Below are some of the reasons that make CYA Supply holsters highly desirable and fit for the market;

Quality Materials

Unlike the conventional holsters in the market, CYA Supply Co uses the best material possible. Boltaron is not only a quality material for concealers but also safe and secure for the user. This material is less susceptible to impact and temperature. Indeed, CYA Supply holsters are among the most robust products you can find.


CYA Supply holsters’ strength lies in high reliability. These holsters hold the gun firmly and draw quickly for quick usage. You can as well adjust the position that will make it easier to draw your weapon. Besides, CYA supply holsters remain almost new and firearms show minimal wear as well.


CYA Supply holsters are amongst the best-priced products in the market. With a reasonable budget, you can find the holster of your choice from the CYA Supply. The majority of these holsters have a price tag of $30-40, with zero shipping costs. While some other companies manufacture low quality, expensive holsters, CYA Supply puts product quality before money.


Not all companies manufacture comfortable IWB holsters. CYA Supply makes holsters that seem to fit right up against the body. Also, you might fail to notice the presence of the holster, especially when walking. This is because the holster secures in position, thus minimizing movement. While you might feel something while squatting, it’s difficult to feel even slightest discomfort.

The Bottom Line

Up to this point, you have all the info you need about CYA Supply Co. It’s a reputable holster manufacturer that emphasizes on quality materials and precise craftsmanship. With CYA Supply Co, you can find an affordable holster without compromising quality.


Ben Jimenez
Ben Jimenez

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