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How Our Holsters Compare to the Competition

September 22, 2017

How Our Holsters Compare to the Competition

Once you have your concealed permit, your next step is probably to compare the best concealed carry gun holsters for your weapon of choice. With so many available on the market now, it might seem a little overwhelming to try to figure out which one will best suit your needs. 

Of course, we think ours are the best, but we wanted to give you a comparison to show how Concealment Express holsters stack up to the competition. 

1. Material

Concealment Express 

Our concealed carry holsters are all made from 0.08-inch Kydex that is molded to the exact specifications of your gun. This ensures that your gun will fit perfectly and sit comfortably every time. In addition, Kydex is lightweight and incredibly sturdy, so it will retain its shape no matter how much you use it. 

The Competition

Urban Carry's holsters are made from 100 percent preconditioned, saddle-grade leather. This ensures comfort and durability for the wearer. Leather holsters do not retain their shape, however, which means that reholstering can be difficult, and your holster is susceptible to stretching over time. 

Alien Gear gun holsters are divided into two categories: classic, leather hybrid and their proprietary materials. While these are both high-quality options, they are also quite large, and they do not offer the custom weapon fit that Concealment Express holsters do. 

2. Wearability

Concealment Express

We stock a wide range of inside-the-waistband, or IWB, holsters. Every style has a sleek, lightweight and minimalist design that offers maximum comfort. Because the holsters are crafted to the exact specifications of your gun, they are very easy to hide, regardless of your outfit. 

The Competition

Urban Carry offers a "below-the-waistline" style of holster that is supposed to keep your firearm from digging into your body. They also claim that there is no need to "dress around your gun," but this can be said about most well-made holsters. Having your gun sit so low on your body has the potential to make drawing more difficult, however, so there is a chance you will sacrifice accessibility for style. 

Alien Gear's newest product combines neoprene with a stainless steel core and their proprietary "Alien Skin" material to deliver comfort and security. These holsters tend to ride high and add noticeable bulk to your person. 

3. Special Features

Concealment Express

- Adjustable ride height on tuckable holsters
- Adjustable cant
- Color options
- Customizable retention
- Military and law enforcement discounts
- Lifetime warranty

The Competition

Urban Carry

- Can be worn with or without a belt
- Magnetic holster base
- Laser compatible option
- Ambidextrous

Alien Gear

- Neoprene hardware covering
- Adjustable cant
- Adjustable ride height
- Adjustable retention
- 30-day "test drive"

About Concealment Express

We proudly offer concealed carry gun holsters that are 100 percent made in America. Our products ship within one business day, so there's no long wait after receiving your concealed permit. If you're in need of a holster that is comfortable, durable and perfect for your weapon, Concealment Express has exactly what you need.


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