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We the People Holsters (Review)

by Ben Jimenez 6 min read

We the People Holsters (Review)

We The People Holsters is an online store that sells holsters of all kinds, accessories, souvenirs, and apparel. They are based in Las Vegas, Nevada where they craft all of their holsters for various handgun makes and models. They sell products on their own website (www.wethepeopleholsters.com) as well as on Amazon.

Starting in 2016, We The People Holsters have strived towards crafting handguns made of KYDEX, which in general, is known to be smooth, hard, and comfortable to the body. The business has picked up since the launch of their venture, with many gun owners turning to them for reliable holsters for handguns. This notably includes personnel from law enforcement, the TSA, the USSS, the DHS, and the FBI. The need to protect lives and businesses has never been more of a priority for thousands of gun owners who have bought their holsters for three years running.

We The People Holsters touts versatility in their holsters, offering a number of various inside and outside-the-waistband options, formats or left or right-handed gun owners, and a number of prints for each model. Try try to offer as much variety as they can with as many different holsters as they can.

We The People Holsters Policies

With every holster purchase, We The People Holsters include a one-year return policy and a lifetime warranty with no questions asked. Their lifetime warranty ensures that gun owners will end up with a product that always works. From the date of purchase to the date that the company no longer is in business, if there ever comes a time where you notice a defect, you can turn the holster in and get a free replacement. We The People Holsters does not honor warranties if a gun owner gets his or her holster from a previous owner.

If an owner finds a problem with their purchase, gets a holster that doesn't match their gun, or just isn't happy with it for any reason, they can have it returned for a refund. This is a very lenient policy that not many companies are willing to do, but in terms of safety and protection, it is understandable that gun owners only want the safest and more effective gun holsters. When it comes to making holsters, nobody can afford to make mistakes.

For United States customers, We the People Holsters offers free shipping on every purchase. Thus, the price you see if the price you will spend on your holster with no added taxes or shipping expenses. We The People Holsters ships to APO and FPO addresses by the way of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Characteristics Of Their Holsters

We The People Holsters offers various holsters for handguns from over 20 different brands. These include the following:

  • 1911
  • Berretta
  • Bersa
  • Canik
  • CZ
  • FN
  • Glock
  • Heckler & Koch
  • Hi-Point
  • Honor Defense
  • Kahr
  • Keltec
  • Kimber
  • Polymer 80
  • Revolver
  • Ruger
  • SCCY
  • Sig Sauer
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Springfield
  • Taurus
  • Taser
  • Walther

For each of these brands, We The People Holsters can craft holsters for a number of models. There are no one-size-fits-all holsters that are sold. Having a holster designed specifically for the gun owner's gun is important so that the gun and holster work perfectly with one another and also that mistakes are avoided.


Every holster sold by We The People Holsters is meant to be fastened to the owner's waistband. They are meant to be compatible with many different pairs of pants and belts. We The People Holsters does not design any around-the-back or over-the-shoulder holsters like other stores.


As mentioned previously, each holster is made of KYDEX, which is a smooth, thin synthetic material known for its durability and effectiveness for gun holsters. They basically have two main types of holsters: inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB). Inside-the-waistband is better for concealment so the gun is kept from the public eye. Outside-the-waistband is often the choice if the owner wants to wear the holster in comfort and not have to rely on the waistband to keep the holster and gun secure.

Regardless of the type of holster you get, their holsters, in general, feel professional on their own. Each holster is custom-made, so the right holster allows the right gun to slide in and out.

With every use, the gun can easily get in and out when the owner wants it to. It will not get stuck, it will not easily fall out, and there is little to no chance of the gun misfiring from inside of the holster.

Each of their holsters is also as tough as advertised. It doesn't wear, tear, bend, or deform with the largest amount of human force possible. It is certainly a product that can last a handful of years or more with great care and maintenance.


While all gun holsters from We The People Holsters are made of smooth KYDEX, the degree of comfort you'll achieve depends on whether you will choose to wither IWB or OWB. OWB holsters will generally be more comfortable for the gun owner as they do not go inside the pants and change the shape of the waistband.

If you choose an IWB holster, you'll certainly feel the bulk that the holster comes with. Compared to holsters from competing retailers, however, these holsters provide more snugness and less irritation for a more tolerable experience. Gun owners would like holsters that are as slim as possible, and We The People Holsters seems to take that into account for each one they craft.

Concealment Express

IWB holsters are the only option should you want or need a handgun concealed, though this is true for any retailer that you buy from. Regarding We The People Holsters' holsters, they do a great job staying concealed inside the owner's shirt, jacket, and other garments. There are no straps or other parts hanging out the owner's shirt or pants.

As far as sticking out the gun owner's clothes goes, owners should be fine unless he or she were to wear a super tight shirt. These holsters come with some bulk, but not enough to identify or recognize through a shirt. Gun owners should be fine with their holster being concealed, especially should they choose IWB. OWB holsters would likely require a coat or jacket for concealment.

Custom Designs

All of their holsters come with custom design options. If gun owners just want a basic, black holster, it is the default design that is highlighted on the product page for each holster. There are over 15 other designs to pick from, including many versions of the American flag, camouflage, the U.S. Constitution, and more. For gun owners that want personality in their holsters, they have many different options to choose from, but currently, they do not sell solid colors, like a basic navy blue or red. Each holster sports the We The People Holster insignia on the side that faces outwards.

The black holster is the most affordable, with its carbon fiber version being slightly more expensive. The carbon fiber design sports a flashy, yet durable texture that is also black in color. Getting a custom design will cost the most money, but it is understandable, considering effort would have to go into modifying the holster so it sports a different appearance.

What Else Does We The People Holsters Sell?

We The People Holsters sell holsters to be compatible with one out of a number of different handguns. As far as other guns, such as rifles, they currently do not make holsters for other firearms at this time.

Among their other items that they sell, there are t-shirts, coasters, tumblers, smartphone cases, and other merchandise. Many designs on their merchandise they offer go on their application beautifully, while for other, you can tell look cheap and miss the mark. Thus, it's a hit or miss in terms of their merchandise. Of course, their holsters are their feature products, while their other items serve as advertising purposes as well as suitable gifts for gun owners.

Is We The People Holsters Worth It?

Of course, many holster makers strive to craft holsters that are durable, safe, and compatible with certain guns. We find their holsters to be of exceptional quality, but other retailers like Concealment Express also features a selection of holsters that come with optional extras such as claw and hardware kits. So Concealment Express offers additional kits for the holsters, but We The People Holsters allows you to buy a holster in different prints. We recommend We The People Holsters if you prefer a printed gun, or if they happen to have a holster for a gun you might own that Concealment Express does not make holsters for.


Be sure to get your holsters from Concealment Express, as they offer the best quality on holsters from many different makes and models of handguns. While there is a lot that We The People Holsters offers, our holsters come with much more in terms of what you can get along with the holster so you are prepared to carry sooner than later.

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Ben Jimenez
Ben Jimenez

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