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AC X-FER V2 WML Holster

  • Holster Features

    Our patented X-FER v2 WML or Weapon Mounted Light Holster is a light specific holster not a gun specific holster, so it fits the specified weapon mounted light on most guns.

    - Weapon Mounted Light Specific - Not Gun Specific
    - Minimalist Ambidextrous OWB/IWB Design
    Blindside Lockout (Prevents Gun Being Punched Out of Holster)
    Adjustable Ride Height
    Fixed WML Retention
    Slide Mounted Optics Compatible
    Accommodates Threaded Barrels & Suppressor Height Sights
    All Black Oxide Steel Hardware with Threadlock
    Made 100% Start to Finish in the USA by Americans using All American Made Machinery & Equipment
    Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

    Holster Specs

    Fits: Specified Weapon Mounted Light on Most Guns*
    Holster Type:


    Carry Position:
    Appendix AIWB Carry, Strong Side Carry, Hip Carry (3/9 O'Clock), Back Carry (6 O'Clock), Cross Draw
    Fixed WML Retention
    Standard Belt Clip:
    X-Lock Adjustable OWB Mount (Works with Most Belts)
    Optional Belt Clips:

    Pull The Dot Soft Belt Loop

    Material A.B.S.
    Weight: 3 Oz.
    Origin: MADE IN THE USA



    LIGHT SPECIFIC: This means the X-FER locks on to the weapon light system (currently the X-300U-A) versus the trigger guard like the other holsters available now. 

    MODULARITY: The X-FER V2 can be worn Outside the Waistband. It comes standard the X-Lock Clip. Utilizing its multiple mounting holes you can affix it to most mounting platforms. You can also adjust the cant and ride height.

    SILENCER/SUPPRESSOR: The X-FER V2 allows for you to holster a firearm with a mounted Silencer/Suppressor. 
    AMBIDEXTROUS: The X-FER V2 is capable of being worn on the right or left. So you no longer have to special order a holster.

    TRANSFERABLE: Hence the “X-FER”. The X-FER V2 is able to be transferred from one gun to the next as long as the Surefire X-300U-A fits your firearm's manufactured rail (*AC Note* will not work with some firearms). You can X-FER from a Glock to a M&P to a XD to a 1911. It does not matter if you have a compact or full size pistol, as long you can mount the weapon light the X-FER will fit. If it has not sunk in yet….No more having to switch lights and/or holsters when you change your mind and want to carry your other firearm. No more buying multiple holsters for every firearm with the same light!


    Currently does not fit: 

    Surefire X-300U-B weapon lights. (Please see the original X-FER for this weapon light)

    CZ polymer semi-autos, FNH FX45, Sig P320, HK USP, Surefire HK Rail adapter, GG&G HK Rail adapter

    Silencer Co Osprey Suppressors (some have success when mounted to 1911's)