ULTICLIP3 Tuckable Holster Clip

The Ultimate Retention and Concealment Holster Clip. The Ulticlip 3 is the optional clip on all of our Tuckable Holsters. Using the Ulticlip allows you to securely wear your holster without having to use a belt. It also allows the holster to be secured to almost any material, including MOLLE and any other similar gauge fabric.

The Ulticlip's patent pending design has 10X the holding power of conventional clips while increasing concealability via its low profile. Greater retention means your holster can be used in ways previously unimaginable. Explore the possibilities!

Ulticlip3 has 3 holes for multiple mounting options allowing for interchangeability with all of our Tuckable Holsters.

Collections: Holster Accessories

Category: Belt Clip

Type: Accessories